Sara Warden

Embodying health and performance has been a cornerstone to Sara meeting the challenges of her own life’s demands and milestones for more than seventeen years. As a dancer and new mom, she pushed her body to extremes, without meeting its needs. Eventually her body had had enough and symptoms of dis-ease proliferated, forcing her to make herself a priority again. Having already recognized a passion for healthy eating and traditional food preparations during her pregnancies, she returned to her roots and then dove deep, educating herself with how to use food as medicine. With time and consistency Sara’s health not only returned, but she felt better than she had in years, and others took notice and began seeking her guidance in reaching their potential. Since then, her knowledge and engaging style of educating others has led her to help countless individuals improve their health and wellbeing through a healthier lifestyle. 

Experiencing the necessity of health and wellness in her own world, it seemed only natural that Sara and her husband, Christopher, an integrative physical therapist and coach, would expand Embody Health and Performance, LLC, with her skillset. After all, Sara and Christopher believe that the human body can’t be divided into separate systems, as each system works together as part of the whole. Embody Health and Performance is where their client’s wholeness emerges, from the inside-out, from lifestyle and food choices to movement intention and quality.

Sara’s experience has shown her that people are as layered as an onion and always worth listening to. The fifteen-minute appointments and one-size-fits-all treatment protocols dictated by insurance companies do not effectively care for people. Therefore, by taking a natural approach with an individualized care plan that includes testing, use of herbs and supplements, and educating on all aspects of lifestyle (food, mindset, sleep, and environmental toxins, to name a few), Sara is able to help her clients improve their health, so they can take control of their lives. Discovering the root of her client’s health concerns is her main focus, paired with inspiring them to embody healthy living for a lifetime. Sara’s role as a practitioner is built upon deep, trusting connections between herself and her clients. She holds with gratitude her client’s tasking of her to educate and guide them to help themselves journey back to balanced health.