Our Partners

Lara Hedegaard

Lara is a Health and Wellness Coach and Health Educator, certified both through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and the Wellness Forum, and is currently working on her AFMC (Applied Functional Medicine for Coaching) certification from The School of Applied Functional Medicine.

Tami Huberty

Tami is a Functional Wellness Practitioner who believes that everyone is meant to feel amazing! People can overcome illness and chronic health conditions because when the human body is taken care of it can heal. By taking a natural approach with an individualized care plan that includes testing, use of herbs and supplements, and educating on lifestyle, Tami is able to help her clients improve their health, so they can take control of their lives. Getting down to the “core” of their health concerns is the main focus, along with inspiring them to live healthier lives. 

Sarah Wardon

Embodying health and performance has been a cornerstone to Sara meeting the challenges of her own life’s demands and milestones for more than seventeen years. As a dancer and new mom, she pushed her body to extremes, without meeting its needs. Eventually her body had had enough and symptoms of dis-ease proliferated, forcing her to make herself a priority again. Having already recognized a passion for healthy eating and traditional food preparations during her pregnancies, she returned to her roots and then dove deep, educating herself with how to use food as medicine.

Evan Janson

Evan is a Functional Wellness Practitioner who is passionate about helping people maximize their health.  By focusing on the “3 T’s” that cause disease…thoughts, trauma and toxins, he is able to help patients identify the root causes of their illnesses and make lifestyle changes geared toward long term wellness.  He believes that mindset (thoughts) is the primary key to change, and that once patients adjust their mindset, they are able to begin utilizing strategies to simultaneously start removing the toxins that are already in their body and start making lifestyle changes to keep them out.