Our Approach

The Curovie Method offers a complete and well rounded approach to health. There is always a root cause, or more likely multiple root causes that contribute to health concerns. The key to achieving health is identifying those sources, removing the sources, and restoring function to the body.

At Curovie Wellness, we understand that you are not broken. Symptoms are your body’s response and adaptation to your environment. The quality of your environment is drawn away from optimal when stressors are introduced. These stressors are introduced as one of the major principles of chiropractic. The Three T’s of “Dis-Ease”.


Everything you consume has the ability to impact your health in a negative or positive way. This applies to your daily thoughts and mental health as well. Some experts even say that your daily thoughts have the potential to impact your health the most. Thoughts are your emotional stressors. Thoughts include your daily self talk, the media you consume, how you manage stress throughout the day and what you worry about on a daily basis. Constant emotional stress or worry, no matter how “little” the worry seems puts us into fight or flight. This is a problem because humans do not heal and thrive when they are constantly in fight or flight. An important pillar of health is learning how to manage daily emotional stressors.


Traumas include physical stressors. When most folks think of the word “trauma” they think of major accidents, which are absolutely a physical stressor. However we as humans can experience physical traumas daily. These daily traumas are more aptly called “micro-traumas”. Micro-traumas could range from poor posture throughout the day, to improper movement patterns, a sedentary lifestyle, footwear and even falling asleep wrong on the couch. All of these micro-traumas add up over time and create stress and inflammation in our body. Micro-traumas contribute to spinal subluxation which diminish the function of the nervous system. How can you make sure your nervous system is healthy? Regular chiropractic adjustments are one of the best ways you can ensure you are caring for your spine and your nervous system.


Toxins are chemical stressors that are ingested, used within the household or on the skin, or even environmental toxins. Much of the foods consumed in the Standard American diet are highly processed and filled with chemicals that create inflammation in our bodies. The toxic load doesn’t stop at what we eat, it includes medications, pesticides, the hygiene products we use on our skin and the cleaning chemicals used in our homes. When we reduce our toxic load we have the potential to drastically reduce the inflammation and dis-ease within our bodies.


Many people on their health journey make major efforts to improve their health, they seemingly eat all the right things, use clean products, exercise regularly and attempt to improve their mental health and they still feel “off”. At Curovie Wellness, we co-create health. A partnership is formed between you and your highly-trained practitioner to guide you to better health.

Importance of Testing

Gut health is a common topic these days. Many folks assume that the gut can be healed by simply doing a gut protocol. Or by changing a few foods they eat. This message isn’t necessarily helpful for folks on their health journey. A protocol isn’t personalized. Yes, there are general habits that nearly everyone could adopt and they will see an incredible improvement in their health. However many protocols don’t education patients that their daily habits impact their health more than any supplement will. You simply cannot out supplement a sub par lifestyle. With that said, not everyone needs gut support in the same areas. This is where testing gut health can be a major game changer for many. Your “gut” isn’t just your microbiome. It is all of your organs that support digestion. It’s your mucosal health. It’s your immune health. It’s the presence of bacterial overgrowths or parasites that might be flourishing within the gut.  All of these aspects play a role in a healthy gut. When you identify exactly where your body needs support it makes the path to health even more clear.     

This same concept applies to hormonal health. Many folks tend to take supplements based on their symptoms. Symptoms don’t paint the entire picture. Hormonal health isn’t as simple as too little or too much hormone. You have to access hormone production, conversion and detoxification. When you assess hormones in this way, address gut and whole body health along with lifestyle factors, the body will restore the hormones to healthy and normal levels.

Whole Body Healthcare

Every system in our body has the potential to impact another bodily system. The nervous system controls every single muscle, cell and organ within the body. For this reason a healthy nervous system is an essential part of health and wellness.

A healthy gut is also an essential part of wellness. Gut health has the potential to impact skin health, this is commonly seen in patients with acne. This for the most part is a widely accepted view. However what many folks don’t realize is that gut health has the chance to impact adrenal health, hormone health, immune health, brain health and more. In the way that this is true for the gut, the same can be said about all other systems. Immune health has the ability to diminish gut health, we see this presented very commonly as autoimmune conditions. Adrenal health plays a major role in gut health just as gut health plays a major role in adrenal health. The adrenals and the thyroid operate on a similar hormonal axis, making these two organ systems very connected. In addition to the adrenal-thyroid axis, there is a gut-adrenal axis.

This theory is only further supported if you see multiple medical specialists. One person might be on a medication for their heart and that person’s kidney specialist doesn’t want them on that mediation because of its potential negative impact on the kidneys. So what’s the solution? Pick and choose what organ system “gets” to be healthy and supported? Absolutely not. The path to a vibrant and healthy life comes form addressing concerns with a whole body approach, and that’s exactly how we operate at Curovie.