Lara Hedegaard

Lara is a Health and Wellness Coach and Health Educator, certified both through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and the Wellness Forum, and is currently working on her AFMC (Applied Functional Medicine for Coaching) certification from The School of Applied Functional Medicine.

As a stay-at-home Mom preparing dinner every night while listening to the national news stations, every commercial was a pharmaceutical commercial. Motivated to not not fall into the prescription drug and chronic disease trap “when diet and exercise is not enough”, she vowed to not be one of those suffering people. Having grown up in the conventional medicine capital of the world and home of the Mayo Clinic,

she never really agreed with their philosophies. It just didn’t didn’t make sense! Having had her own medical challenges which Mayo Clinic told her they couldn’t figure out so they “needed to do a study on her” and she would just need to learn to live with it, she found a functional wellness practitioner who educated and inspired her to learn and build/change her own what she thought to be “healthy habits” into true sustainable habits for health. This changed her life!

Building healthy habits has been Lara’s hobby for more than 15 years, having helped many friends and acquaintances improve their health and wellbeing through a healthier lifestyle.Lara has also helped to educate pre-school classes and Cub Scout groups on healthy eating, and spoke for several groups on health habits. This passion has lead Lara to start Habits for Health, LLC where she has helped clients of all ages lose weight, address anxiety, joint pain, headaches, lower blood sugar, manage anxiety, and reverse thyroid dysfunction.

Lara is also a certified Change Management practitioner and a corporate Well-Being Program Manager, helping organizations through transformational change and employees with individual development. Lara has relied on her healthy habits to get her through several life changing events allowing her to face them head on rather than having to succumb to sickness and disease and is working to change the mindset of those who are suffering by educating, inspiring, and empowering them to take control over their own health.

Lara knows that building healthy habits are the key to real change. With the increase of disease in this society, Lara has chosen to use her passion in health and wellness to help people reach and sustain their health and wellness goals.