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People are often told that conditions or symptoms are “all in their head” yet there has been an all time rise in chronic conditions. At Curovie Wellness we are sick and tired of seeing sick and tired people. We need to create a better way to do health. Curovie Wellnesss is a community of Functional Wellness Practitioners creating a better way to do health. We are doing this by solving health challenges in a unique and individualized way. 

In-Depth Assessment

Taking control of your health requires much more than just your typical 7-minute doctor’s visit, that can’t even cover the basics of what you need to know to heal.  During your in-depth intake, we take the time needed, one-on-one, to thoroughly explore your unique health challenges and provide you with the confidence/understanding that you do not have to live with your diagnosis.

In-Depth Testing

This is not a “one size fits all” care model. We have partnered with some of the most innovative and cutting edge lab companies that allow us to better evaluate what is at the root of your health challenges. This makes our care model as unique to the individual as possible, it also saves you from spending money on supplements that may not be necessary for you.

In-Depth Analysis

After we recieve your test results, we go above and beyond in regards to explaining them. Our mission here is to educate and inspire people to take control of their health and we believe this is impossible without the proper education. With this we also build a detailed care plan in which you and the practitioner will work as team to accomplish.

In-Depth Care

We make getting healthy “fun” and have a wide range of tools in place to support you during your health journey. We also leverage health coaching and other forms of support and accountability so your new healing lifestyle will become an integral part of your everyday life. We also harness the support of online communities to give you support remotely, as you make important health changes.

“Your body is adapting to its environment, it is not broken, yet it takes a team effort to move towards health”

Dr. Matthew Scott 

Our Founders | Dr. Matt and Chloe Scott

Dr. Matt and Chloe are Chiropractors and the founders of Curovie. Dr. Matt was inspired to create Curovie after hearing the story of Dr. Chloe, and how there was a different way to do health. This inspired Dr. Matt to embarck on a journey of discovery and learning. After discovering how amazing the body is, he realized that what the health care system needed was more practitioners with a better understanding of the human body.

“Working with Dr. Chloe was the first time in my natural health journey that I felt like we were working on getting to root causes and not just treating/chasing symptoms. After working with a variety of practitioners over a year to get pregnant, I started working with Dr. Chloe, completely upended everything I was doing, and gratefully three months later we were expecting! What a gift!  I am so thankful for the fresh holistic approach that seeks to go to the root and address the foundational health issues.  I cannot recommend Dr. Chloe and this perspective enough!”

L. N.

“Dr. Chloe really helped me with a nagging problem. I was waking up with a headache EVERY morning for months. The intensity would diminish as the morning went on, though it lingered subtly throughout the day. My sleep was also randomly disrupted. I raised and nurtured my family with holistic health care practices and I knew this was a symptom of something else. My goal was to keep my family healthy so we wouldn’t need to use western medical intervention. For us, that is “alternative” health care.

I consulted with Dr. Chloe and she suggested that I have my hormones checked.  I’ve been in menopause for several years, but I know there are lots of hormones. She also suggested a stool test to check for parasites and bacterial overgrowth. I was aware that a  large percentage  of my immunity was related to gut/intestinal health. The results of the testing told us that my hormones were out of balance and I did have some slight gut issues. She suggested a regimen of herbs and supplements to help balance my hormones along with gut support. Also, my detox pathways weren’t performing as they should. I followed her recommendations and thankfully I no longer wake with headaches. That’s such a relief and I’m very grateful for her knowledge and expertise. I wake ready for my day! “

T. S.

“In February 2020 I self diagnosed myself with the help of some relatives. They said that I had PMR-poly myalgia rheumatica, many of my cousins had the same thing.  They said it was a Scandinavian thing. My symptoms were extremely stiff neck, shoulders and upper body. Eventually it progressed to my hips and legs. I could barely walk and my gait was a shuffle walk until my body loosened up a bit through out the day.  All of my joints were almost unbearably sore.  I was unable to ride my bike, something I loved doing. PMR is often precipitated by an acute infection or trauma. I’d dealt with an extensive dental infection in fall 2019.

I sought help from Dr. Chloe, knowing that she did some functional medicine work, focusing on inflammation.  I didn’t want to explore my symptoms with a medical Dr because the main treatment was prescribing Prednisone.  I absolutely did not want to take that. The other option was to wait it out and see what happened. She had me do a foods allergy panel and a stool test and recommended that I immediately start an anti inflammatory diet. She also recommended some supplements that would boost my immune system and help my body detox and support what was going on in my body.

I was very diligent with her recommendations and eliminated the foods that I’d developed sensitivities to. Within several weeks I was able to ride my bike some. Now, months later I’m back to normal and feeling much better. I continue to eat an anti inflammatory diet consisting of whole foods, trying hard to stay away from the greatest inflammatory offenders, gluten, dairy, sugar and soy. I did realize that my dental infection has been brewing for a long time so I was willing to accept that this process would take time. I feel good again, thanks to Dr. Chloe.”

C. A.

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